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What is Facial Rolling?

Alert, ALERRRRRT (in Cardi B's signature tongue roll 😂)

This beauty tool is makin’ $ moves in the beauty space. What is it you ask? C R Y S T A L  F A C I A L  R O L L E R S.

You are probably wondering, “do I really need this in my life”? Well, yes. You do. GET ON IT QUEEN. I have always been the last to jump on trends because I am a natural skeptic. I don’t even have a beauty blender yet! Crazy, I know. I don't like buying into hype, but this time I'm glad I did.

To be honest, when I first got my roller, it just sat on my vanity collecting dust. It was just wayy too cute and too pretty not to get. Admittedly, I was getting lazy with my skincare and I really noticed it on my skin. My face was looking dull and crusty. I needed to do something about it ASAP. That’s when I got back into my routine and picked up my crystal roller. No joke, I definitely felt a difference after using it.

Wait, so what's a crystal facial roller and why do I need it?

It is a facial massaging tool that has been used for centuries in Eastern cultures. With the right technique, it can:

+ Increase elasticity of skin

+ Reduce appearance of pores

+ Boost overall collagen levels

+ Promote lymphatic drainage

+ Eliminate toxins

+ Reduce puffiness & wrinkles

When my face was puffy from all the sodium-packed food I ate, I used my roller after my skincare routine at night and the next morning, no swelling! I was shooketh. THEN, when I painfully removed my super stubborn blackheads with an extractor, I was left with red marks all over my nose area. I always shied away from this because the redness would always last for days, but I was fed up with my clogged pores. I figured I would just use some concealer and be done with that. Due to my curiosity, I had the bright idea to use my roller to dissipate the redness, and to my complete surprise, it worked! I’m honestly loving using my facial roller and already made it a staple in my beauty routine. My skin is glowing to the gods and my pores are s n a t c h e d !


Which crystal is right for you?

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Each crystal has a unique property and has potential to improve your health and spiritual energy. Choose whichever energy that you are drawn to the most! 

+ Clear Quartz: illuminated clarity

+ White Jade: healing harmony

+ Rose Quartz: unconditional self-love

+ Red Jasper: persistent courage

+ Jade: unswerving purity

+ Blue Spot Jasper: constant inner-strength

+ Amethyst: insightful relaxation 

+ Picasso Jasper: lighthearted celebration

+ Dalmatian Jasper: creative playfulness

+ Black Obsidian: protective healing


My personal favorites are the Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Picasso Jasper! Hope you all find joy in adding this beauty tool into your routines đŸ€—.


<3 Hazel B.

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