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New Moon Rituals 04-08-24

Thank you for tuning into our New Moon Solar Eclipse Sound Bath Meditation 🌑✨

New moons are all about new beginnings and setting intentions. This one is extra special because of the total solar eclipse. In astrology, the eclipse signifies the darkness meeting the light, a representation of the ego and potential for spiritual rebirth, marking a moment to release past patterns and embrace new perspectives and new beginnings.

Repeat to yourself ✨ I step out of the darkness, and into the light ✨

Take a moment to reflect: What are the fears blocking you from your fullest potential? What are the behaviors or beliefs that keep getting yourself in your own way? Take a moment to document and acknowledge your fears, understand your fears, and place them into the back seat of your life 💺

Be decisive in your intentions, affirmations, and visions. Be open to immediate actions available to you that are aligned with your intuition 🔮

Hope this eclipse season serves you and your highest intentions in a fulfilling, refreshing way 🌱

Watch the live recap here.

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