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Summer 2013 - I was lost, but HB was born. I'm 20 going on 21, dealing with my worst heart aches. HB teaches me to show up for myself, even at my worst times. Nights like these. It grounded me to appreciate natural remedies. Shoutout to my parents, for instilling their TCM and herbalist practices + values into my life. Stuff's good. I finish school, move back home, and start working. My mission for Honey Belle is clear - continue sharing about my newfound discoveries in self-care and skincare. I still remember how scary, yet exciting it was to commit to my first events. I start prepping. This becomes my first "inventory shelf" in my bedroom. Calvin joins in on the fun! His eczema skin along with my psoriasis made me interested in making our recipes even more gentle to soothe those with sensitive skin. We spend months making products for our first in-person debut! This event is in Costa Mesa, California at Orange County Fairgrounds for OC Night Market. It was a hit! People loved hearing our stories about our skin  sensitivities and the natural remedies we discovered. They said we should go on Shark Tank - we laughed lol. Over the year, our product collection grew and we were using them every single day. We would share them at markets, and listen to feedback from our customers. We wanted to take HB to the next level, so we filed for corporation status. Here we are - 23, with nothing to lose. Just passion and faith in our visions + dreams. Here we go~
We started traveling to more cities and more events. Some were super great. Some were not so great. All in all, we kept our vision and mindsets strong. Our customers and orders started growing. We thought - if we really wanted Honey Belle to flourish, we needed to leave our jobs to pursue this fully.. So we did! We saved up to move into our first warehouse. It changed the game to have our own dedicated shipping and production space. Vs cramped up at my parents' home lol. #SoapsforSouls was born out of wanting to find ways to make a difference to our community. We started donating soap to shelters, medical camps, and non-profits. We began approaching local boutiques, gift shops, and yoga studios to carry our products. We were so thankful for the small business owners who said yes! Within a year, we outgrew our first warehouse space and decided to move into a place with more office space. Say hello to our HQ in Brea! We loved this HQ space, and we know many of you did too. Many of you would pop by during our office hours and pick up your favorite products. Our first pallet shipment. IPSY asked for 3500 pieces of our cult-favorite Sea Salt Oatmeal Soap. We were so excited for this opportunity to share our brand. We did farther and longer events, traveling to San Diego and San Francisco - pictured was our weekend-long pop-ups at Westfield Santa Anita in Arcadia, California.
We started traveling to more cities and more even 2017 is when we started putting more energy into expanding our brand into rWe spent two years auditioning for Shark Tank. We made it to the second round in 2019, but we never made it to the last round on the show.etail. It was here that we met buyers from Ulta, Urban Outfitters, F21, and Costco. We loved going to schools and non-profit organizations to share about entrepreneurship, healthy hygiene, skincare, and being confident in your own skin. Indie beauty brands were on the rise. Retailers wanted to carry Honey Belle products, so we expanded our in-person team to try to meet the demands. We got better and better at packing up pallets. We invested in our own machinery, and ramped up our production runs in our little micro-factory. It was so crazy/cool to see my products in a store that I grew up shopping at. My mom didn't say it at the time, but I could tell she was proud. Forever 21 - at our local mall. When our retailers started ordering in the 1000's, we knew we needed to start looking for more professional help. We then sought out production facilities to partner with. We were excited to see our products in Ulta - as well as other nationwide stores like Pac Sun, Tilly's, Francescas, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, Vitamin Shoppe, and more.. It was incredible to see HB having dedicated shelf space displayed with our products, samples, and gift sets in the largest cities across USA.
We pitched our business to Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, and got a deal on the show. But after deliberating with the investor team, we decided not to join forces. In 2019, Calvin asked me to marry him when we were traveling through Alaska. He was my boyfriend, turned business parter, and best friend. I said yes! We decided to drastically change our operations in order to run our fulfillment processes more efficiently. Saying goodbye to our last few pallets of goods. Our production and fulfillment facilities helped us with a nation-wide launch at CVS Pharmacy locations across America. This was how 2020 started. The pandemic hit with such a surprise. We didn't know what to do, but we wanted to help. We started donating self-care packages to first responders and hospitals. The launch with CVS wasn't looking good. It was such an unprecedented time. We needed to make cuts, and my mental health became my first priority again. We decided to keep our original wedding date. Even though COVID-19 was impacting us in so many different ways, we knew it couldn't stop us joining together as one! We spent a few years adjusting to operational and economical changes, however it deepened the importance of our self-care rituals. Here we are at Anthropologie! As a family owned business, we are thankful to still be alive after all we've been through. We have lots of updates and new things coming and we can't wait to continue sharing!


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