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Full Moon Rituals 04-23-24

Thank you for tuning into our Earth Month Full Moon Outdoor Walking Meditation 🌱✨

We focused this session on channeling our gratitude and appreciation of Mother Earth and the beautiful surroundings and resources nature provides. We noticed the colors, sounds, and textures around us, stopping and noticing how beautiful the trees, foliage, and sky around us. We noticed our surroundings and being supported by the earth beneath us with each step 👟

We pondered about our actions and how they impact our surroundings around us. Are there any actions or behaviors we can ✨ release ✨ to make a more positive impact on this earth? Where are we over-consuming? Are there any conscious choices we can make that can help simplify our footprints during our lifetime? How can we appreciate nature and the earth, even more? 🌎 🌊

Repeat this mantra: I am surrounded by the beauties of Mother Earth. I appreciate Mother Earth for all that it provides. I honor my choices and I make my choices consciously.

Watch the live recap here.

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