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New Moon Rituals 03-10-24

Thank you for tuning into our New Moon Divine Feminine Sound Bath Meditation 🌑

New moons are all about ✨ creating and setting intentions✨

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, for this moon cycle, let’s take a moment to celebrate our ✨ divine feminine ✨ within.

The Divine Feminine is within each of us, and these are the qualities it possesses:

🌜 Nurture + Compassion

🌜 Intuition + Wisdom

🌜 Creativity + Fertility

🌜 Connection to Nature

🌜 Emotional Depth + Vulnerability

🌜 Strength in Softness

🌜 Empowerment + Liberation

🌜 Balance + Harmony

🌜 Connection to Spirit

🌜 Community + Collaboration

Can you bring your intentions into fruition with these attributes above? What actions can you see yourself taking that can come from this space of the divine feminine? What are you welcoming into your life with the divine feminine? 🌸

Watch the live recap here.

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