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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Double cleansing isn’t just for your skin. It is also an effective way to clean your dirty makeup brushes! This method of cleansing is essentially using two different cleansers, one oil based and one soap based to cleanse your face. The first step uses the oil cleanser to break up any product and melt away all makeup. Rinse that off and you're good to go for your second cleanse with a soap based cleanser. Now apply this concept to your makeup brushes! Pro tip? Use your loofah soap in the second step for squeaky clean brushes!



Apply a pea-sized amount of cleansing oil to your brush and massage it throughout the bristles until the oil collects the makeup off the brush. The oil will help to dissolve all types of stubborn long-wearing foundation and even waterproof eyeliner! Give it a nice rinse with warm water before the next step.



Complete the double cleanse by washing away any residual oil and makeup with your Loofah Soap. Simply swirl your brush around the soap until the brush feels nice and clean.



Squeeze, shake, and dry off all the moisture that you can and lay your brushes to dry on a clean wash cloth. Angle the brushes so that the barrel is higher than the bristles so that all the water can drain out. 

All clean! Our makeup brushes cling to so much dust, bacteria, and make up build up, so try out this method for the next time your brushes are due for a cleaning. Let’s be honest, they’re due for a wash now aren’t they? Haha, no worries, mine too. Keeping your makeup brushes clean is essential to keeping your skin happy and problem free. Let us know if you try double cleansing for your make up brushes in the comments below! 


<3 Hazel B.


(Special shoutout to Selena for this genius idea!)

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