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Why Roses are Taking Beauty by Storm

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Roses are the classic symbol of romance and love. Found in moments of jubilant celebrations, the union of soulmates, or literally everywhere you look any time around February 14th. This passionate flower has served society for centuries, but not just as a representation of love. You see, there’s more to the rose than meets the eye!

Rose byproducts such as rosewater, rose fruit extract, and rose essential oil are among the trendiest ingredients found in skincare. They are most commonly found in toners and facial mists, but are also found in highly hydrating and moisturizing creams. The popularity of rose derived ingredients is no surprise with all their skin-boosting benefits.

Rosewater: Fit for a Queen

Rosewater was used by ancient queens like Cleopatra herself. It has been said that she soaked her sails in rosewater so her lover, Mark Antony, could catch her scent before arriving to shore (that is the literal definition of doing the most for your mans...I mean name a better duo amirite?!).

Now, this alluring solution is derived from the process of distilling roses to make rose essential oil. Rosewater is gentle, yet very effective as an antiseptic. This means that troublesome acne-causing bacteria stands no chance. Thank u, next. Consider them blocked & ghosted. On top of that, rosewater’s soothing and anti-inflammatory properties make it everyone’s fave solution for redness, irritated and inflamed skin, and even rosacea!

Rose Fruit Extract: A Rose’s BFF

Did you know that roses have accessories? Well, accessory fruits. Rose fruit extract is a super-enriched ingredient derived from rosehips. They are the most nutritionally packed fruits of any plant. This cute little fruit has the power to fade hyperpigmentation and scarring! In fact it’s a (not so) secret ingredient loved by the Reddit skincare community.

Rose fruit extract promotes elasticity and improves circulation. Okay, we hear that all the time, but I actually know what that really means! You see, skin naturally loses its bounce over time. Rose fruit helps you get that bounce back. Catch my drift? So remind me again, why we haven’t been slathering this all over our faces?!


One (Essential) Rose (Oil) to Rule Them All

The glam and bougie-est sister of this rose trio is the true queen of all essential oils. Rose essential oil is the most expensive oil on the market (think hundreds of dollars for this pure elixir), but thankfully this price tag is justifiable.

Rose essential oil is antioxidant packed, meaning it can fight off free radicals. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that steal oxygen from healthy cells to become stable. This leaves those cells lifeless. Scary, I know! These dead skin cells cause complexion to become problematic and dull. Rose essential oil restores your skin’s natural dewiness and even protects it from harmful UV damage.  

There really is more to the rose than meets the eye and during this season of love, it seems like there’s more than one way to gift your valentine a rose. I mean, I’d take all of these skin-perfecting essentials over a bouquet any day.

<3 Hazel B.

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