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Zoom FLORA: Rosewater Toner

FLORA: Rosewater Toner

$ 22.22
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Organic Rosewater Toner featuring organic rose water and rosewood that:

  •  Cleanses, tightens, and tones the skin
  •  Helps to smoothe fine lines, wrinkles, and the look of pores
  •  Helps to reduce the look of acne, scarring, and blackheads
  •  Brightens to reveal your youthful glow

Key ingredients:
  •  Rose
  •  Rosewood
  •  Aloe Vera

Who It's For

Flora Rosewater Toner is formulated with gentle ingredients safe enough for all skin types, conditions, and sensitivities such as (and not limited to):

- Balanced ("Normal") skin
- Dry skin
- Oily skin
- Combination skin
- Eczema
- Psoriasis
- Acne-prone skin
- Aging skin

How To Use

Step 1: Gently shake your Flora Rosewater Toner bottle to incorporate settled ingredients.

Step 2: With clean hands, squeeze dropper and release liquid onto fingertips or cotton round.

Step 3: Gently pat or tap liquid all over your face and neck.

(BONUS) Step 4: Once mostly dry, follow up with Elixir Facial Oil to seal in moisture for a healthy even glow.

Belle Tip:
- Mix Flora Rosewater Toner with your Coconut Rose DIY Detox Mask to power up your detox mask and deliver hydrating and perfecting properties!

Full Ingredients

Aqua Rosae* (Rose Flower Distillate), Aloe Barbadensis* (Aloe Leaf Juice), Hamamelis (Witch Hazel Extract), Dalbergia (Rosewood Essential Oil), Rosa *(Rose Flower), Love

*Organic ingredients

Recycle Information

Step 1: Toss carton in the recycling bin.

Step 2: Remove all labels and rinse the empty container with soap and water and pat or air dry.

Step 3: Place glass container in recycle bin (you'll have to look up recycling criteria in your country).

Step 4: Place dropper in the trash bin - we are currently sourcing an eco-friendly/recyclable option.

Belle Tip:
Once your container is cleaned, re-use it! We've seen Belle's refill it with other liquids that require droppers or even use our standard sized Flora as a refiller! You can also also use your empty container to hold other (now travel friendly) products, jewelry, and our fave is seeing them re-purposed as a mini planter or flower vase, and more.

FLORA: Rosewater Toner

$ 22.22


1. Is this product gentle enough to use on sensitive skin? Is this product ok to use if I have a skin condition?

Yes! Flora Rosewater Toner is made with organic rose water and rosewood making it gentle and effective for all skin types and conditions. For highly sensitive skin, test on a small area first.

Yes! This product doesn't contain any harmful additives or fragrances.

2. What does a toner do? When do I use this product in my skincare routine?

A toner preps your skin for a moisturizer by making sure the skin and pores are clean and ready to lock in moisture.

A good base routine we like to follow is: cleanse, tone, moisturize. So Flora Rosewater Toner would be best as step 2 in your routine following your cleanse.

For our multi-step-really-treat-yo-self kinda days, we like to follow: cleanse, exfoliate, detox (mask), tone, moisturize, and serums. In this case, Flora Rosewater Toner would be step 4 in your routine following your cleanse, exfoliation, and detox.

3. How often can I use Flora Rosewater Toner?

You can use Flora Rosewater Toner daily for your morning and evening routines.

4. What does rosewater or rosewood do?

Rose water contains high levels of vitamin C that helps with the look of fine lines and collagen levels. It helps moisturize and is naturally anti-bacterial to help soothe acne, cleanse pores, tighten skin, and even balance skin by absorbing excess oil.

Rosewood is known to control the amount of sebum secreted by oil glands, helps heal skin to prevent scarring, and helps with tissue regeneration to prevent wrinkles and premature aging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 184 reviews
Kate Wolf
Looove this oil!

I only use this for my moisturizer after using either the foaming facial wash or luxe to "wash" my face with a scrubbing exfoliating brush. Love this combo

Matina Christophersen

Love it. In the high desert I need any moisture I can get.

Kathy Terry
This is awesome!

I love this cleansing oil, I’ve never found one that I liked till now!

Kate Wolf
Best facial cleanser EVER!!

I have been using this for years and was very skeptical at first but it is awesome for my skin. I was oily and had so many issues with other cleansers that used more chemicals. But once I started using this my skin cleared up very quickly and now doesn't feel as dry (even when I forget to put the moisturizer oil on)

Etta Carol Fuller
Cleansing Oil

This is my 1st try with the cleansing oil, an interesting concept, but much needed for my dry combination skin type.

Demetra Dokos
The best

I was running out of my original purchase of the Elixir oil and now I’m officially a happy repeat customer!

Allyson Samson
Love this stuff!

I’ve had a hard time finding something that my skin loves, I found my first bottle at another store but was so glad I was able to order more! My skin looks and feels better than ever!

Very nice toner

On my second bottle. Works well, smells fresh. Just need to make sure you don’t end up with pedals on your face as the toner gets low. Otherwise, I really like this product!

Debra Georges

ELIXIR: Facial Oil

The best

Seriously love this product and all their items. I’ve used their products for years and it’s better than any high end out there


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