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Self-Care Q&A: Yvonne Luu



Entering a new decade really makes us think about what matters, and for us, that hasn’t changed since we first opened our virtual doors. What matters most to us is YOU! We’ve always been obsessed with concocting the best of the best natural skincare because skincare is a great way to incorporate putting yourself first daily...a.k.a practicing self-care! 

While we can design products fit for any lifestyle or need, we know no one knows self-care more than, well, yourself! So, for all of 2020 we will be spotlighting green beauty enthusiasts, boss babes, Honey Belle team members, AND even our very own customers in a special Q&A series centered around all things self-care. 

Follow along and get inspo for new ways to love on yourself or if you have some awesome tips and want to share, let us know here. Ready. Set. Self-care. 


Meet Yvonne 💛

Meet Yvonne (@yvonne.luu). Yvonne is Honey Belle’s very own Brand Experience Lead, so if you’ve ever DM’d, commented, or emailed us, she’s your girl! Yvonne was born and raised in sunny San Diego, is a Taurus, and notoriously known for being the “girl at the rock show.” She's a huge fan of live music and is usually planning her next musical adventure.

Can you walk us through a typical day for you? 

My ideal days start off slow—I love the quietness mornings bring, so I'm in no rush to get moving! Once I've freshened up and settled into the morning, I kick off work with meetings and get caught up on emails, comments, and DMs. Most of my daily tasks relate to connecting or finding new ways to engage with the amazing HB community online, so while it may look like I'm on my phone a lot...I'm working, I promise haha! Since I work remotely and spend much of it in front of a computer, I try (keyword: try!) to spend the rest of my day away from a screen. With social distancing a thing right now, that looks like: doing anything crafty (currently it’s DIY-ing my own candles and tie-dying old clothes), Zoom hangouts with friends, walking/running around the neighborhood, or unwinding with mindless me-time. I also try to make sure I'm drinking enough water all day—it's always a work in progress. Stay hydrated, people!

What are your favorite ways to self-care?

My favorite ways to self-care include: catching my fave bands live when they're in town (pre-social distancing, of course), burrito-ing myself in bed with fresh sheets, and practicing mindfulness/gratitude by journaling or reaching out to a friend.

What are some things that cause you stress? How do you manage?

I get easily overwhelmed by the thought of tasks "piling up." That's why I like to loosely map out my goals/tasks at the beginning of each week and quickly review each night to have a clear idea of what's on tomorrow's to-do list. I try to jot everything down (shoutout to planners and calendars, don't know where I'd be without them) so things don't get jumbled up in my head. Life doesn't always go according to plan and that's totally ok—but striving to be intentional with my time helps!

What advice related to self-care do you wish you received growing up?

Some advice I wish I my younger self: “Self-care does not always mean treat yo' self.” While indulgence is nice every now and then, taking the time to be mindful of your patterns and behaviors cultivates healthy personal boundaries and self-care habits in the long run.

Can you tell us more about skincare and self-care?

Masking is one of my favorite ways to self-care, hands down! Masking twice a week easily carves out some time where I can just chill out and not focus on anything else for 20-30 minutes.

Honey Belle’s Coconut Rose DIY Detox Mask has never failed me whenever my complexion needs an instant glowy pick-me-up. My skin reacts well to rose ingredients in general, so I also love mixing the powder with FLORA Rosewater Toner to tone at the same time! 


That's all for now! Know someone whose self-care game is on point? Send us a message and we'll ask ALL the questions.

<3 Hazel B.


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