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Multimasking: what it is and how to do it

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Face masking is not just a biweekly’s a biweekly necessity. It’s a time to show your skin some TLC and get it back in shape. Masking is a sacred part of any routine that should never be skipped. With all the masks out there to choose from: clay, sheet, sleeping, peeling, bubble, glitter…it can be a challenge wading through all the glitz and glam figuring out what to use and when to use it. I like to keep it simple, consistent, and sans the crazy chemicals.

A lot of masks we find at our local beauty stores contain parabens, sulfates, and even stuff that clogs your pores (PSA: stay away from mineral oils and everything previously mentioned). Keep your masking (and skincare!) all natural and thank me later. Trust your skin bestie (aka me), when she tells you that you do not need all of the harmful junk and all of those filler ingredients in your skincare and on your face. I encourage you to love your face like Kanye loves Kanye.  

The beautiful part about multimasking is that it solves the ever present dilemma of always wanting to buy more skincare. I, like many, have more than just one clay mask at home and make use of all of them by multimasking!

The skin on your face is not all the same. The skin under your eyes is thinner and tends to lose moisture easier and faster than the rest of your face. The main parts of your cheeks tend to have larger pores, leading to oily skin or breakouts. Your jawline could be that problematic area that houses all hormonal acne. Because one mask cannot cure-all, multimasking is the perfect way to to tackle all your skin concerns. Check out my guide to multimasking.


The Ultimate Guide to Multimasking


Step 1: Clean your face

If you didn’t already know, always start multimasking with a clean and pristine face! The easiest times to multimask are right after a shower or in the morning if you can spare a few minutes post cleanse. Grab your Dual Mask Brush and let’s begin!

Step 2: Forehead

At the top of the t-zone, the forehead can typically range from dry to oily to acne prone. For such a confusing area of the face, you need a mask that is versatile. Try mixing our DIY Detox Masks in Coconut Rose and Matcha Mint to create a moisturizing, yet balancing mask! If you don’t have multiple concerns in this area, it is better to target the skin using specific masks. For drier skin, apply a mask that is nourishing and moisturizing and for oily or acne skin, apply a green tea mask to balance the skin, while treating breakouts. For anti-aging concerns, apply a mask that helps maintain skin’s collagen and elastin levels.

Step 3: Nose

The nose...oh boy. If you’re like me, this is a complete WARZONE. Blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads are no stranger. (Brb, I need to start charging them rent because this face is prime real estate.) I’d highly recommend an oil-controlling mask because these tend to absorb all breakout-causing sebum and bacteria, leaving behind fresh and clean skin. If this area isn’t as crazy as mine, try a milder, balancing mask.

Step 4: Cheeks

Moving along to the middle of the t-zone, the cheeks can be a little tricky. Some parts are acne prone, some have dry patches. Referring to the inner cheeks where it tends to be oily or have large pores, choose masks targeted to oily or combination skin concerns. In the outer parts of the face where dry patches flake up, apply a moisturizing or nourishing mask.

Step 5: Chin and Jawline

Along the jawline is where a lot of hormonal acne likes to pop up. Overtime, these breakouts can cause scarring, making the jaw look dull and dark. To reverse and improve the complexion in this area, use a brightening and rejuvenating mask to perk things up!

Step 6: Neck--bonus!

If it is a dedicated multimasking day, then definitely apply an enriching mask to the neck! This is an area people tend to forget about, but not on my watch! The neck is an extra sensitive area where signs of aging first appear. Use a mask that boosts collagen and elasticity to reduce the appearance of aging. This will treat the skin and have you feeling all types of amazing.

If any of you try this out make sure to post it on Instagram and tag #MarchMaskness and #lifeofaBelle, so we can see all of your beautiful mask-faces! Happy Masking!

<3 Hazel B.

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