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6 Ways Loofah Soap Save My World

Loofah Soaps are the shower buddy you never knew you needed! If you don’t have at least 5 of these stashed away in your body care’ve been seriously missing out!

Honey Belle’s Loofah Soaps are completely natural, smell delicious, and multipurpose. They have a silky lather and a squeaky clean finish and besides the obvious scrubby loofah and cleansing soap features, these soaps are much more than meets the eye.

All ingredients in Loofah Soap are naturally derived. The loofah itself comes from a matured gourd plant. After the gourd gets pass the stage of being harvested as food, the insides mature into a sponge.

The sponge is then sliced and a special blend of essential oils are added to the soap base to achieve its heavenly scent. Now, when I say that Loofah Soaps save the world, I’m not kidding! They not only save the Earth by being eco-friendly, but they also save MY world...allow me to enlighten you.

6 Ways Loofah Soaps Save My World

Best Bath Accessory

With the soap and loofah conveniently packaged in one place, showering is a complete breeze! The soap side gives a rich silky lather and glides nicely onto to the body to give a squeaky clean finish, while the loofah side is a firm and sturdy exfoliator.

Get Rid of Your Dry Brush

Replace that dry brush with a Loofah Soap! The loofah side has the same effects as a dry brush. It’s natural texture is firm enough to stimulate the body and promote lymphatic drainage. Don’t forget to brush toward your heart to get all those toxins moving.

Your skin, but baby smooth

Using Loofah Soap will keep the skin in it’s best condition. The soap takes care of all hygienic needs and the loofah sponge gets rid of accumulated dead skin cells. This means, less clogged pores and ingrown hairs. Stay ready for smooth glowy skin, always.

Sparkling Clean Brushes

The list goes on! These soaps are also great for washing makeup brushes and cleaning Dual Mask Brush after a mask. Just swirl your brush around the soap side, give it a rinse, and repeat as needed.

Freshen Up Your Closet

When you already have a loofah in the shower and are waiting to use the next one, store your Loofah Soap in the closet! Wrap your loofah soaps in a paper bag and put it where your clothes are to keep them smelling fresh. I like to change mine seasonally. Springtime = Sweet Jasmine.

Hello New Cleaning Tool

Once your soap is all used up, you can up-cycle the loofah for everyday cleaning. I leave one in the bathroom to scrub my sink or even mildew in the shower/tub. It’s also great for keeping my white shoes, white.

Who knew one little soap could do so much?! Let us know if there are any tips and tricks that we missed or if you try any of these out in the comments below!

Save the world, one loofah at a time!

<3 Hazel B.

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