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6 Underrated Beauty Tools You’re Missing Out On

Being a beauty lover doesn’t mean you have to own every product or every gadget. In fact, I impose a strict D.N.P (Do Not Purchase) rule on myself when it comes to beauty tools. I limit my collection to key items and this has helped me reduce waste, promote thoughtful consumption, and most that coin!

Here’s my list of the 6 beauty tools and accessories that have been proven to be the most useful in my skincare routine. This list is the bare essentials and I promise you…it contains no BS!  

Mask Brush

There is something so satisfying about brushing on a clay mask that makes me wonder why I ever thought smearing it on with my fingertips was a good idea. Using a mask brush has completely changed my masking game. Shameless plug, Honey Belle’s Dual Mask Brush is the best brush I’ve tried by far.

The synthetic bristles are easy to clean and applies the mask evenly without picking up product that has already been laid on, this is essential when I’m building my thicker pre-hormonal-breakout mask. The bristle end is also my go-to for quick spot treatment mini-masks that I may or may not leave on overnight (ok, yes, I leave it on overnight. Pimple diffusing never sleeps!). The flared silicone end is sturdier than other brushes I’ve tried while still remaining completely flexible and soft. It allows product to glide on effortlessly and pro-tip, I use it to evenly distribute my serums and apply my moisturizer. This brush is a g-a-m-e-c-h-a-n-g-e-r...please re-read that is slow motion for dramatic effect.

Konjac Sponges

I recently ran out of my tried and true physical exfoliator. I’ve been repurchasing the scrub for years, but they changed the packaging and now the squeeze tube breaks apart when I’m nearing empty. Long story short, that alone has deterred me enough to move on from harsh scrubs. I won’t share the name because I found something better...enter the solution to your daily exfoliating needs!

Konjac sponges are the softest and squishiest beauty tool to ever grace my face. They’re just so gosh darn squishy...I love it. It is antimicrobial and is all natural because they are made from the konjac root vegetable. Paired with a gentle cleanser, the konjac sponge makes a great daily exfoliator, safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Gua Sha & Facial Rollers

These trendy tools are popular for a reason! Depuffing, firming, detox, and drainage? All things I need ASAP.

These days, I’ve been reaching more for my Gua Sha because honestly, it’s the most multi-purpose beauty tool I’ve ever gotten my hands on. After massaging my face, I dig, and I mean really dig, into my shoulders for a deep DIY massage. I also like to use it on the back of my head and down the back side of my neck to relieve tension. I keep one with me at all times because you never know when you’ll need to Gua Sha it out!



I love to put my Facial Roller in the refrigerator overnight and use it first thing in the morning. Not gonna lie, mornings are tough for me (specifically getting out of my warm bed) so my face tends to look tired with inflated eye bags and general puffiness all around. A quick and cool morning rolling session helps wake me up and get my skin glowy even before I start my skincare routine.

My Rose Quartz Facial Roller and my Jade Gua Sha are really making all the difference not only in my glowing complexion, but also in relieving stress.


If tweezers aren’t in your beauty arsenal...I think it is only appropriate to give you just the slightest bit of a judgemental side-eye. I guess I can give you a pass if you prefer the au naturale look or enjoy getting your brows professionally done. I think we all can agree that tweezers is the tool that everyone needs in their collection. It’s a versatile tool that needs little explanation--tweeze those brows, ingrown hairs, and even extract blackheads (if you’re careful).

Silicone Cleansing Pad

For those that prefer something firmer than a konjac and doesn’t need to be replaced every few months or so, a silicone cleansing pad is the way to go! I am not talking about those overpriced face brushes that just vibrate your face. These are super inexpensive and perfect for your everyday cleanse. The small bristles help exfoliate, remove build up, and gives the pores a deeper clean. This also works great for targeting trouble spots where acne and blackheads tend to pop up.


Ok I know what you’re thinking...a headband? Just a headband? It’s not just a headband...ok well maybe they are pretty self-explanatory, but have you seen those cute ones with the bows or animal ears? I LIVE. We’ve all been there--a full face of makeup and you get cleansing oil all over your hairline and now you have to rinse half your head…great. OR your hair is tied and you’re trying to put on a clay mask and your hair still get stuck in the mix. Now you’re in a predicament, struggling between rinsing your whole head or sleeping with clay mask somewhere in your hair. Save yourself the trouble and just get a cute headband, sometimes hair ties aren’t enough.

That’s my top 6 list of underrated beauty tools! Are there any essentials that you think I missed? Let a girl know what tools make your life easier in the comments below!

<3 Hazel B.

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