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Take Your Skin From Oily to Essential Oily

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Facial Oils are huge game changers to any skincare routine. Mixing oils, finding the perfect ratio for your skin type, and the aroma of it all always has me feeling like a master chemist concocting the perfect potion. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the natural process of aging, but I’m also down to prolong my youthful glow as much as possible.

Facial oils have soooo many incredible benefits, you NEED to hear more about my top 3 recommendations.


My Top 3 Facial Oils


Hemp Seed Essential Oil


Hemp seed? As in...nope. It’s not what you’re thinking. Hemp seed is from the hemp plant that produces little to no THC (the stuff that gets you high in marijuana). So it's a lot different than its commonly associated counterparts. 

Hemp seed oil is made from pressing hemp seeds, similar to how olive oil is made by pressing olives, and is packed with amazing skin benefits. It contains omega 3 and 6 which help increase elasticity and retain moisture in your skin. The best part is, this oil is great for ALL skin types.


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Rosemary Essential Oil


Amazing skin? Yes, puh-lease! Rosemary essential oil contains powerful antioxidants that combat free radicals and signs of aging. It can be used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and balance oily skin. It also has antibacterial properties that help the skin clear stubborn acne and clogged pores. 


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Rosehip Essential Oil


Did you know that this neat little oil is actually not derived from roses? Rosehip oil comes from tiny berry-like pods that grow as an accessory to some wild roses and is known as the “cure-all” oil. If your skin has seen some things, this oil can heal it. 

Rosehip oil can restore depleted scar tissue. One more time for those of you in the back...THIS OIL CAN RESTORE DEPLETED SCAR TISSUE!!! Take that, acne scarring! On top of that, rosehip essential oil is rich with amazing properties that are nourishing, anti-inflammatory, firming, and even exfoliating.


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These are the essential oils I swear by and adding any one of them to your skincare routine will upgrade your skin dramatically, so take your skin from oily to essential oily!


<3 Hazel B. 


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