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Self-Care Sunday, a community wellness event

This past Sunday we celebrated our 8th company birthday with an in-person community wellness event: Self-Care Sunday.

We gathered in a local park in Southern California - the birthplace of our brand.

We loved seeing familiar faces of our community members who've been following our journey for the last 1-7+ years, and were also so happy to meet new ones.

We kicked off the morning with introspective conversations. We asked each person to partner with a new friend and answer these questions:

  • What does self-care mean to you, and why is it important?
  • What are your favorite self-care activities and what do you like about them?
  • What self-care activities would you like to incorporate more of into your life? 

Shortly after, we began our meditation session. The amazing Aly Hartman (@aly.hartman) led the group in a grounding meditation, light breathwork, and light movement.

Next, we all participated in a short walking meditation as we walked around the lake. It was a beautiful and introspective time. We saw people jogging, spending time with their families, group mountain biking, and horse-riding. We heard the birds chirping and flying, and ducks quacking and swimming.


We came back and answered a few journal questions:

  • What are you grateful for in this very moment?
  • What challenges are you going through in your life right now, and how are they bettering you?
  • What's next for you for the remainder of the year? What are you taking on?

Next, we took our intentions, reflections, and sense of gratitude into a sound bath to integrate what we just soaked in.

We then shared about our own experiences and what we're taking away.

We expressed gratitude about the brands and products included in our goodie bags. All incredible brands and products committed to doing good in the world. 

All in all, it was such a beautiful and inspiring event! We are so appreciative for those of you who took the time out of your Sunday to gather with us in our first-ever Self-Care Sunday / Honey Belle's 8th birthday party 🥹🎂

BTW - we hear ya! You want us to plan more of these. We’re planning the next series of Self-Care Sundays, and are open to hearing feedback from you too (about activities and/or locations/cities!) Pls don't hesitate to reach out and make yourself heard if you have any input, feedback, ideas~

With all our love and gratitude,

IC + Team HB

Special thank you to our:

For the full event recap photo album, click here.

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