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Self-Care Q&A: Noria Thorpe


Entering a new decade really makes us think about what matters, and for us, that hasn’t changed since we first opened our virtual doors. What matters most to us is YOU! We’ve always been obsessed with concocting the best of the best natural skincare because skincare is a great way to incorporate putting yourself first daily...a.k.a practicing self-care! 

While we can design products fit for any lifestyle or need, we know no one knows self-care more than, well, yourself! So, for all of 2020 we will be spotlighting green beauty enthusiasts, boss babes, Honey Belle team members, AND even our very own customers in a special Q&A series centered around all things self-care. 

Follow along and get inspo for new ways to love on yourself or if you have some awesome tips and want to share, let us know here. Ready. Set. Self-care. 




Meet Noria 💛

Meet Noria, known in the IG world as, @randomlynoria! Noria lives in the DFW Metroplex but grew up an Air Force military brat. Currently this boss babe is an ACE certified personal trainer, health coach, teacher of various formats of group exercise, and a group exercise coordinator for her local gym. She’s a proud bunny momma and loves all things skincare, fitness, and healthy living. 

You can check out her YouTube channel where she posts weekly and her blog for all things beauty, lifestyle, and even healthy recipes!

Can you walk us through a typical day for you? 

A typical day for me starts with teaching one or two classes (sometimes more). After, I spend a couple of hours as an exercise coordinator, I use the rest of my day to work on blog content for my site, and creating content for my Youtube Channel

I incorporate self-care but taking 30-40mins a day to do some sort of exercise and I always end the day with a relaxing skincare routine. Depending on the day, my skincare routine can range from 10 minutes all the way up to 40 minutes.

What are your favorite ways to self-care?

Aside from exercising and skincare, some other self-care favorites are meditating and using an acupressure mat. Sometimes I’ll even spend an hour or two playing video games. Anything that allows me to get out of my head. 

What are some things that cause you stress? How do you manage?

I’m happy to say that this past year, I haven’t been that stressed or felt like I’ve had overly stressful moments. Staying ahead of deadlines and being proactive has helped reduce my stress levels a lot. I also focus more on saying no to things that didn’t serve me and incorporated more self-care in my day-to-day.

What advice related to self-care do you wish you received growing up?

The small things don’t matter. If something won’t make a difference next week, the next day, or the next hour, just let it go. There is no reason to get worked up over every little thing. Life happens and if you are more open to roll with the punches, you bounce back a lot quicker than if you try to react and control everything. 

Protect your mental health.

Can you tell us more about skincare and self-care?

My favorite Honey Belle product is the Rose Foaming Facial Soap. I absolutely love the scent and my face feels AMAZING after I use it. The foam is so soft and I get deep clean that doesn't leave my face feeling stripped. I’m almost out and will have to restock very soon.



That's all for now! Know someone whose self-care game is on point? Send us a message and we'll ask ALL the questions.

<3 Hazel B.


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