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Self-Care Q&A: Gina Harrison


Entering a new decade really makes us think about what matters, and for us, that hasn’t changed since we first opened our virtual doors. What matters most to us is YOU! We’ve always been obsessed with concocting the best of the best natural skincare because skincare is a great way to incorporate putting yourself first daily...a.k.a practicing self-care! 

While we can design products fit for any lifestyle or need, we know no one knows self-care more than, well, yourself! So, for all of 2020 we will be spotlighting green beauty enthusiasts, boss babes, Honey Belle team members, AND even our very own customers in a special Q&A series centered around all things self-care. 

Follow along and get inspo for new ways to love on yourself or if you have some awesome tips and want to share, let us know here. Ready. Set. Self-care. 


Meet Gina 💛

Meet Gina. Gina is a Korean-American from the city of Angeles residing in San Diego county, a mom to two beautiful mixed babies and a wife to a hunky chef. She’s a lover of architecture and as the founder and CEO of Beau (@beauundies), has a deep passion to help all women feel sexy and confident in cute undies.

Can you walk us through a typical day for you? 

I consider myself a boss babe, but also a momtrepreneur. As a mother running a business and also working a full-time job, my day-to-day is basically a juggling act and looks different

With so many things on my plate, the days can zoom by. That’s why it’s so important for me to set aside time for self-care (even if it’s just a few minutes). To make it as easy as possible, I stock up on face masks and always have skincare products that I love to smell handy. I like to think of it as a quick breath of fresh air.

What are your favorite ways to self-care?

After a day of work and when the kids are finally asleep, I slather on a quick mask and catch up on texts/IG/Netflix. Little joys like this really make a difference and help me keep my sanity within the chaos.

What are some things that cause you stress? How do you manage?

Having a lot of responsibilities can be stressful. I owe it to my Google calendar, Siri, and my Google Nest at home to keep it all organized and easy to manage. Scheduling everything you need to do so you don't have to worry about remembering everything is really helpful for me.

What advice related to self-care do you wish you received growing up?

Wear sunscreen even though you think you're immune to wrinkles in your youth!! AND make sure to BREATHE and relax your body when times get stressful. Also, put SPF on your neck/chest too! Not just your face. Cleavage can get wrinkles too (lol).

Can you tell us more about skincare and self-care?

Honey Belle's DIY Detox Masks and Loofah Soaps are my favorite for skincare and body care. 

The DIY Detox masks are a great way to wind down and treat your skin, and my daughter is obsessed too. I love that they're all natural making it safe for young skin. It's become a fun way to bond with her. The loofah soaps make shower time just so much better with the amazing scents and's a soap and a loofah all in one!

Another product I love is actually for my teeth. Activated charcoal powder really helps me feel like I get a deep clean when I brush my teeth (I dip my toothbrush in the charcoal and use it with toothpaste), and it helps whiten them too.



That's all for now! Know someone whose self-care game is on point? Send us a message and we'll ask ALL the questions.

<3 Hazel B.


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