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Self-Care Q&A: Amber St. Peter

Entering a new decade really makes us think about what matters, and for us, that hasn’t changed since we first opened our virtual doors. What matters most to us is YOU! We’ve always been obsessed with concocting the best of the best natural skincare because skincare is a great way to incorporate putting yourself first daily...a.k.a practicing self-care! 

While we can design products fit for any lifestyle or need, we know no one knows self-care more than, well, yourself! So, for all of 2020 we will be spotlighting green beauty enthusiasts, boss babes, Honey Belle team members, AND even our very own customers in a special Q&A series centered around all things self-care. 

Follow along and get inspo for new ways to love on yourself or if you have some awesome tips and want to share, let us know here. Ready. Set. Self-care. 

Meet Amber 💛

Meet Amber, known to the IG world as, @good_saint! Amber is a boss babe Virgo who is a yoga instructor, wellness coach, California transplant from Maine, wifey, and dog mom to the cutest pit bull, Maddie. She’s written two vegan cookbooks and her recipes are insanely delicious (my fave way to self-care is through food (amirite?!) so this Chocolate Chip Cheesecake is right up my alley). We’re only scratching the surface on Amber but you can check out all things Good Saint on her website here. Now back to self-care.

I was super excited to spotlight Amber. Like many of our readers, I too am always looking for ways to find balance. Whether that’s through physical activity, food, travel, etc, Amber is an amazing source, so we asked her to share a little bit more about how she incorporates self-care in her busy life.

Can you walk us through a typical day for you? 

I start my day with a ritual face cleaning (day and night!) and then a lemon water if I don’t hit the snooze button. I like to do my workouts in the morning so they get done and out of my way for the rest of the day. Then, I work from home in the afternoons and evenings. Somewhere in the middle, I pause to walk Maddie (my pit bull). Then it’s dinner and some relaxation with the hubby. I usually incorporate self-care by doing a face mask or Gua Sha massage right before bed. 

What are your favorite ways to self-care?

Some of my favorite ways to self-care are reading, being outside, skincare, and organizing! 

What are some things that cause you stress? How do you manage?

Some things that cause me stress are untidy spaces (hence organizing as one of my fave ways to self-care haha), over committing myself and my time, and not enough sleep! I manage all these stressful things just by being aware of my time management.

What advice related to self-care do you wish you received growing up?

Some advice I wish I received related to self-care is that, “ANYTHING that makes you happy counts as self-care!” Seriously, there’s no “right” way to do it.

Can you tell us more about skincare and self-care?

Skincare is one of my favorite ways to self-care. Some beauty/skincare products I’m obsessed with are my derma roller, Gua Sha, and a good hydrating serum. Those are my anti-aging go to’s these days. I would have to say that my favorite Honey Belle product is...I LOVE their Elixir Facial Oil, it makes my skin glow and feel so soft!

 "Anything That Makes You Happy Counts As Self-Care." - Amber St. Peter

That's all for now! Know someone whose self-care game is on point? Send us a message and we'll ask ALL the questions.

<3 Hazel B.

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