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Q&A - All about the new DIY Detox Masks

Honey Belle did something M A J O R at the end of last month...they introduced two all new DIY Detox Mask scents to round up their collection of clay masks. Ginger Lemon, a mask designed to brighten and rejuvenate and Seaweed Spirulina, a mask designed to enrich and heal. This brings their mask line to FIVE, all with different functions and benefits and...I’m obsessed.

Multimasking is all the rage right now and you best believe I’m doing it and officially adopting it into my weekly routine. But how do these new masks fit into the mix and how do you use them? I thought you’d never ask. Apply Ginger Lemon on dark areas or scars and apply Seaweed Spirulina anywhere you need a collagen boost. I like to apply Ginger Lemon as a spot treatment on my acne scars (sometimes I even leave the spots on overnight). I like to apply Seaweed Spirulina on my neck and the top of hands since those are the first parts of the body that show aging, what can I say, I like that youthful glow.

Since I love these new masks so much, I was curious about how they came to be! I decided to sit down with Iris, Honey Belle’s founder and creator of the new masks to learn a little bit more and share it with you. Let’s go!



What inspired you to use the ingredients used to formulate these new DIY Detox Masks?

Ginger lemon was inspired by my amazing mom! She is actually a huge driving factor and source of inspiration for Honey Belle. As a little girl, I vividly remember her drinking ginger tea for her overall health and grinding up rice grains to use as a natural remedy to exfoliate and even out her skin tone.

Seaweed Spirulina takes me back to my childhood. I grew up surfing and was always surrounded by the ocean, sticky kelp, and fishy air. This mask brings me back to playing in the warm toasty sand and waving seaweed in the air without a care in the world. Overtime, these experiences at the beach led me to have sentimental attachment to seaweed. I found my foodie-self loving seaweed dishes and as I continued to learn more about it, I discovered its potential in helping the skin feel replenished and renewed.

What was the process of creating these masks?

My process sounds simple, but it takes me quite a while to produce a new product. With each launch, I want it to be something that is not only useful, but something that is actually good for the skin. We keep our ingredients list short and every single one natural. With all of this in mind during my process, I look at my own skincare routine and see what’s missing. I ask myself, what can I add? How can I switch up my skincare to fit what my skin needs right now? Then my final question is always asking myself if this product is something that everyone in this beautiful community would love.

What was one major hiccup in this entire process and how did you overcome it?

With all the growth that Honey Belle is experiencing, releasing a new product is a whole new game. Things are so different now, but in the best way possible! Back when I was making everything in my kitchen, I was able to just snap some photos and slap it online. So with the growth comes a different structure for launching new products. It was a year in the making, but I could not be more excited for everyone to have them and change the way they mask.

What is your favorite way to use these masks?

Currently, my favorite way to use them is by multimasking! I apply them to specific areas of my skin where I feel like it needs a little extra love and attention. Sometimes, I don’t even apply the mask to my entire face. I’ll do a mini spot treatment or patch treatment.

What do these masks mean to you?

What’s so great about this line of masks and these new additions are their complete customization. You can really make these masks your own and tailor it to how your skin is feeling. With other masks they only serve one function. With the DIY Detox Mask line, each mask can change into a mask that can help add moisture, control oils, zap acne, and more. It all depends on how many masks you use and what you mix it with. To me, these mask serve as a physical reminder that you have the ability to choose and create what feels good, not only in your skincare, but also in this crazy thing we call life.


Do you want more of these Q&A's? Comment and let me know! 

<3 Hazel B.

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