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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a whole day specially carved out for the woman who gave you life! Even though my mom personally loves homemade cards and of course endless hugs and kisses, I like to treat my mom to stuff that I don’t think she would ever get for herself but I know she would love.

That’s where skincare comes in. These days, skincare equals self-care and while my mom is busy taking care of everyone else, I want to make sure she also takes care of her. If your mom is anything like mine, I think you can relate. Honey Belle products are my go-to. I love to get a bunch of different things,  put them in a cute box, tie a little bow, and voila! The perfect let-me-treat-you-so-you-can-treat-yourself gift.

My mom has her standard routine: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer but when I start talking about serums or facial tools, that’s when I lose her. Does anyone else feel like skincare is getting so complicated?! What I love about Honey Belle products is that they are seriously “no-fuss”. They are not only eco-friendly but they’re easy to use AND understand for everyone, young or wise. On top of that, they come in both standard and travel sizes so you can try their products before committing to them fully.

I’m personally obsessed with everything they make because they’re effective on all skin types and are even gentle enough for those who have skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema.

Their rose scented items are my newest obsession (probably because it’s springtime) and it honestly makes me feel creative when I can gift my mom a rose or two in another way. So, what do you give the woman who gave you life? I can help! Check out my Top 8 Honey Belle products perfect for mom.


Top 8 Mother’s Day Gifts

Facial Tools are all the rage right now. When I first gifted my mom a facial roller, it sat on her bathroom counter for the longest time before I finally sat down with her and did it together. I showed her how to use both sides of the Facial Roller on all the spaces of her face to: increase the elasticity of the skin, reduce the appearance of pores, boost overall collagen levels, promote lymphatic drainage, and reduce puffiness/wrinkles. Basically, I explained to her that incorporating a couple rolls a day will help keep her skin looking young and glowy. She became obsessed!

Now, Gua Sha’s are another story. They essentially do the same thing as a facial roller, physically, but these lil’ guys have an underrated hidden feature. They relieve tension like no other! They can be used on sore or tight muscles in your neck and shoulders, on your forearms, and even on your legs post-workout. My mom is a hardcore stress-er when she’s stuck in the 405 traffic (who can blame her), so she keeps a Gua Sha in her car to help on those long commutes to and from work. 


Honey Belle’s Gold Line is honestly the skincare trio of my dreams. It features a simple 3 step routine: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. If you’re looking to gift your mom a self-care routine that is seriously as easy as pie, this is PERFECT. The back label even has the numbers 1, 2, and 3 in case she forgets what to use and when. 


Nothing screams ultimate relaxation like a fizzy Bath Bomb. Honey Belle’s “beautiful” bomb is a harmonious blend of delicate floral scents and earthy base notes including: pink rose, Asian jasmine, soft violets, sweet musk, and earth woods. Send your mom on a vacation without the actual hassle of a vacation!

Draw her a warm bath, pick up her favorite wine, set aside some magazines or books and let her slip away to her most calm and peaceful state. 


If your mom loves to get dolled up, Makeup Remover is a must in their beauty arsenal. Honey Belle’s sweet almond oil formula strengthens brows and lashes, boosts your complexion, repairs skin, AND even removes waterproof makeup! My mom wears simple makeup (think bb cream, mascara, and brows) and a little goes a long way when she’s ready to return to her bare skin every night. Even on days when she doesn’t wear makeup, she likes to pat a couple drops onto her face to help calm irritated skin during allergy season and even calm acne/breakouts.


The tried and true Loofah Soap is perfect for any mom that showers (baths are ok too)! Jokes aside, this shower bb is the ultimate cleansing duo with a silky lather soap on one side and a scrubby exfoliating loofah on the other.

Upgrade mom’s shower experience with the Rose Loofah Soap that leaves a light, fresh, floral scent on her skin all day long. Did I also mention their eco-friendly? Find more about that here.


Pump, lather, rinse, repeat! Our Foaming Facial Soap is the best way for mom to start and end her day. It comes in three scents: nude, rose, and lemongrass and I swear, when you close your eyes gently wake yourself up in the morning or wash away all the grime from a long day, it’s like you’re in a lightly scented cloud. Can you tell I’m obsessed with the experience of this soap?!


Honey Belle’s Body Creme is a G-A-M-E-C-H-A-N-G-E-R. Let me tell you, if your mom loves the smell of rose gardens, she will love this. The body creme is a hydrating formula perfect for all skin types and leaves a light and fresh floral scent on your skin all day long. I personally love that it’s in a tub versus a pump. My mom has one in every bathroom of her house so when she’s done wash her hands she can rub a little dollop to keep her hands moisturized.



I am convinced that Honey Belle’s DIY Detox Mask is the PERFECT gift for any and all moms (my mom LOVES the Coconut Rose scent). It doesn’t matter what your mom likes or doesn’t like, these masks are literally the best thing you can gift her. There are five scents that each have a different function and depending on your skin type or what your skin needs (because hello, seasonality kicks my skin’s bitt sometimes), you can customize these powders to your own needs by adding different liquids. Their most recent launch, Seaweed Spirulina, features collagen for maintaining that healthy glow, so if your mom is trying to keep it tight, I’d recommend that one.


Alright, that concludes my Honey Belle Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Phew. What are you getting mom? Let a girl know and let me know if you like these round-ups or guides!

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