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Manifestations for 2024

Get a fresh start on the new year by channeling and embodying a new affirmation to manifest into your life. Here are a few suggestions -- which one are you resonating with most? ✨ 

1. I am manifesting great health and great wealth. 

2. I am comfortable and rooted in who I am and what matters to me. 

3. I am attracting what's meant for me and I am no longer chasing or forcing.

4. I surround myself with things, people, and habits that bring me joy.

5. I put myself and my wellbeing first.

6. I allow myself to flourish and grow in the directions that serve me.

7. I give myself the time I need to connect with my highest self.

Which one resonates with you the most? How can you set yourself up to continuously have this in your life this year?

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