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How and Why is Rolling in Your Sheet Mask Beneficial?

How and Why is Rolling in Your Sheet Mask Beneficial? 

Sheet masks contain loads of vitamins and nutrients that gets absorbed into the skin, making us feel rejuvenated and nourished and all in just 15-20 minutes! They act as a seal that sits on top of our skin and serve other benefits like fighting acne, hydrating dry skin, balancing complexions, etc. 

On the other hand, a facial roller helps with blood circulation, reducing puffiness and inflammation, removes the look of fine lines, promotes lymphatic drainage and cell turnover, and so much more. These two products together allow your skin to absorb ALL of these benefits in just one sitting. If that’s not skin goals, I don’t know what is!

The best part is that this duo regimen is so easy to do! Step one, clean your face with your fave cleanser and pat dry. Step two, grab your sheet mask of choice and place it onto clean skin as you would normally do (the LAPCOS Hyaluronic mask is my current go-to as it replenishes and hydrates my current problematic dry skin). Step three, whip out your favorite facial roller, (mine is the amethyst facial roller because it’s known to alleviate stress and enhance positivity!), and massage away on top of your mask as you normally would bare skin. Easy right?!

Let’s dive deeper into the reasons why you should start rolling in your sheet masks!


1. With the combination of facial rolling and masking, your skin is able to absorb and soak in more of the vitamins and nutrients that are contained within the sheet mask. You are applying pressure with your facial roller, allowing the product to sink in easily and efficiently. So press in all of that goodness!


2. Rolling in your sheet mask, speeds up the absorption process for those days when you just don’t have enough time! Let’s be real, our schedule can get a bit chaotic and sometimes we dread the extra step of our skincare regimen after a long day. I don’t know about you, but when im exhausted, the only thing on my mind is getting into bed and dozing off into a deep sleep. So sometimes putting on a sheet mask and waiting 15-20 minutes to let the vitamins fully soak in just doesn’t work for me.


3. Slow down, destress, relax, and have some “me-time”. Sure, you can take a power nap with your sheet mask on or indulge in your favorite tv show. Committing to a sheet mask AND rolling in the essence can be the perfect way to get in a little “me-time.”


4. It’s an easy AND convenient spa in your own home! The best part of a facial rolling and sheet masking regimen is that anyone is capable of doing it, as long as you have a facial roller and a sheet mask on hand. A sheet mask feels like a treat already, and with a few massages over it with your facial roller, you’ll feel as though you’re at the spa..,but even better, in the comfort of your own home. 


5. You’ll find yourself extra glow-y. You’ll be surprised how much of a glow you’ll have after removing the sheet mask. All it takes is a few minutes of massaging on top of your sheet mask and voila! You’ll have yourself a natural glow. Who doesn’t love a natural glow-up? Pro-tip do not pat dry the essence! Let it dry on its own as a final moisturizer.


6. Keeps your skin looking healthy and youthful. The earlier you start anti-aging regimens, the better! This combination of facial rolling on top of your sheet mask will do just the trick of preventing your skin from aging when used consistently. It will make a noticeable difference in the long run!

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