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From: Me 💛 To: You

From: Me 💛 To: You

This is a bit long overdue, but here it goes.

If you’ve known about Honey Belle from our pop-up market days since 2015-2019, you might have met me, my partner Calvin, or our HB crew IRL.

We would travel to different cities across the US - share our love for our products, serve local communities, and drive our mission in inspiring self-confidence and self-love.

Well - a lot has changed since then.

Long story short -- We were making products in my parents’ kitchen, moved to a small studio warehouse in Diamond Bar, CA - and shortly after that, we expanded into an office complex 4x bigger - our very own ‘HB HQ’ in Brea! 

We were building so much momentum in sharing our products and mission, that we even got picked up by some major retailers!

And then - COVID-19 hit. Calvin and I were coming home from a medical mission trip. The next day, the stay-at-home order was put into motion in California - and the pandemic spread like wildfire. It was weighing down on my mental health, and it was a struggle to navigate the business through the rapidly changing landscape. There were so many times (still are lol!) where I ask myself: ‘Are we going to make it?’


(and because of you 😭🙏)

We have.

It’s been challenging seeing Honey Belle hit her rock bottom. I’ve been mustering my words trying to understand what was happening before sharing about it. But now that I’m somewhat through the thick of it, I now have a sense of clarity and direction. It feels like I’m back at “square 1” like when I first started. Like a giant reset button was clicked.

I’m still somewhat shocked that I’ve been able to make it this far, and so I’m recommitting - I’m committed to continue driving this mission, continue serving you our customers, and continue bettering myself and the company every. single. day.

Here are some changes that happened during the last two years:

  • My “Supportive BF” and Co-Founder Calvin - We got married during the pandemic! Calvin has stepped away from the daily picture of Honey Belle. He’s now focused on building his own passions. We recently just celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary - yay! Find us on Instagram at @irischerng and @calvindhang #AdventureswithCalvinxIris

  • Business Operations - We no longer have our HQ in Brea - I’m back to working on my own at home. I’ve partnered with a few women-led production and logistics companies to maintain the physical manufacturing and shipping portion of the business. I have a work partner Jeanette who oversees our brand and marketing strategy, and a few freelancers and assistants that support in the endeavors. It’s been really humbling being back in this position at “square 1” - but also having more history, experience, and resources at reach with what we’ve been through.

  • Username and Media Handle - We changed our main handle from @honeybelleshop to @livehoneybelle with an intention to capture the lifestyle behind our brand mission - you’ll see these changes start to reflect on our media platforms, website, emails, and packaging.

Thank you for your continued support. We’re gonna keep on with our mission while we’re here 😜 Thanks for being here for it, and for reading up to here 🙏

Did you like this recap?
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Let me know in the comments below! 👋
So much love and gratitude,
*virtual hugs*
Iris Cherng
CEO + Founder 💛 Honey Belle, Inc.



@Kristi – thank you so so so much. You have no idea how much that means to me. I’m so thankful for you and your family for enjoying our Honey Belle products. I love that he’s taking care of his skin and coming to you in support of his skin’s needs. Cheers to his college journey! Thanks so much for all your support, your message truly made my day <333

Kristi Sanders

Hi Iris!
I loved reading your update and seeing the wonderful pictures! Thank you for doing that. A friend introduced me to your lovely hand lotion several years ago and I have been enjoying your products ever since. It was really nice to read about your journey with your company and I appreciate the philosophy and personal feeling your company provides. Your face wash and blemish stick has been a staple since my youngest son’s face started breaking out.
He’s still asking me to place orders for it even in college! And seeing your beautiful wedding pictures was very touching – Congratulations!!!
I just wanted to send you a supportive email and send you encouraging words for your business and for you, personally as you move forward again in running your company. You’ve over come A LOT and you should be very proud. Take care and best wishes!

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