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5 Easy Self-care Tips

As your local Target’s [dollar] splurge section fills up with heart themed trinkets and gifts, you begin to realize that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? A significant other or the bags of discounted chocolate you’re going to buy for yourself after the holiday? 😂Whatever it is, make sure to show yourself some appreciation this month! Read the full article to find a surprise gift!

Take this February to celebrate YOU and indulge in some self-love & self-care activities. You deserve it.


We all have our own version of pamper night. Whether it’s regular night routine + a face mask or an entire evening ritual, you do you, boo boo.

Personally, I like to have a long hot shower and finish it with a cold rinse (to close my pores, ofc!). Then I go through an extensive skincare routine, applying generously where necessary. Then plop on my bed and binge some YouTube (Do you have any beauty/fashion YT recommendations?) or Netflix (a current staff fave: Marvel’s Jessica Jones… who’s excited for Season 2?)


You’re probably thinking of a bougie cheese platter and some classic red wine, but try my budget friendly version of this luxe combo. Run to your local grocery store and pick up a bottle of rosé for about $10 and call up the pizza delivery man! That’s right, pizza and rosé night--a crowd favorite among my friends and I. Just pop on a movie and your night is set. I highly HIGHLY recommend watching Wonder Woman if you haven’t already. Wine and dine yourself, finish the whole box, hey- we won't tell anyone. 😊


In all seriousness, self-awareness and self-reflection is monumental when comes to self-love. Take some time to reflect on how you have been doing. In your reflection, remember not to compare yourself to others. Everyone is at different places in their lives all with unique triumphs and struggles. Cheesy, but life is a journey, not a race!

Exercise: Take out a piece of paper. List out bullet points of thing you love about yourself.

BONUS: stand in front of the mirror, and read this list out loud to yourself!


It is always important to note how far you have come and celebrate accomplishes big and small. Create of a list of things that you are proud of and go reward yourself with something, like a brownie, yoga lessons, or something that you've been pushing off getting for yourself. Cheers!

Exercise: Think back to a month ago when you started declaring your 2018 Resolutions... How far along are you? Are you on track? Did you get off track? Celebrate things you accomplished, even if you aren't quite at your main goal yet! It's all about the journey!


Pretty self-explanatory… RETAIL THERAPY! We've put together a couple gift kits for yourself or a gal-pal you've been admiring. Read on for a surprise…


What ever you choose to do this holiday just know that you are loved and appreciated. Let us know your favorite way to practice self-love in the comments below!


<3 Hazel B.



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