Our Story

What made you want to start Honey Belle?

A couple years ago, my mom started developing skin allergies to department-brand products. My parents are both holistic doctors of natural medicine, so my mom started making her own creams and lotions for herself and her patients to treat their skin issues. Shortly after, I developed psoriasis.. I then became an ingredients-whore, and got OBSESSED with reading EVERYTHING on my beauty bottles. After shopping the natural + organic world, I realized everything was really expensive-- especially as a broke college student. So, with my mom's knowledge about herbs plus her first-hand dive into apothecary, I hit the kitchen!

What made you want to start Honey Belle?

Each of my products stem from a certain skin issue or skin complaint people deal with. From acne scarring, to blackheads, to uneven and blotchy complexion, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, chicken skin... I consult my team of holistic doctors (aka my mom, dad, and uncle) on their knowledge about herbs and traditional oriental medicine, and how certain plants and herbs can promote the healing and overall health of the skin.

What makes your product different?

What makes my product different is that when a recipe is born, they’re used by real humans on a daily basis. And they’re constantly tweaked and adjusted until we really fall in love with them. They’re not created by a room full of investors, then in a lab environment with animals; they’re created by real humans, with real love, for an intention of natural healing. We use clean, natural, and organic ingredients, and create them in small-batches in our micro-factory in Southern California.

Where did this #SoapsforSouls Project originate?

This passion project was born out of an accidental turn into the Skid Row area of Downtown Los Angeles. I saw a whole community out there, and I saw that they needed me. I thought to myself—'Well, what can I do to help them? I have lots and lots of soap. Soap will help them get clean and help stop the contamination of diseases!' So we ended up working with the downtown homeless shelters, and also work with a medical group that travels the world on medical missions to countries such as Guatemala, Nepal, Peru, Vietnam, Burma.

Can you tell me more about your story? How did you turn your hobby into a business?

After falling in love with natural products, I started posting them digitally on social media with my “Honey Belle” alias. People started contacting me wanting to purchase them, so I set up an online shop as a channel to share my products physically. After a few weeks, people started emailing us with titles like “HONEY BELLE IS CHANGING MY LIFE,” and they were telling us how confident and happy they were in their own skin. I knew I had something here. So I turned to my boyfriend Calvin, and I said “Let’s do this. Let’s help people with their skin.” And we quit our full time jobs as 21-year-olds after college. And we never looked back.

How did Calvin get in the mix?

When we were dating, Calvin would scratch like he had chicken pox 24/7. His eczema was pretty bad, and he didn’t really do much about it. I made him some soaps with oatmeal (to soothe his itching) and sea salt (he said the ocean really helped his skin). It worked; so I shared it with our customers. Then one day, I was at his house and I forgot my facial soap, so I cut a small piece off of his sea salt oatmeal soap bar and used it on my face, and my face was INSTANTLY brighter. Both soap bars are now classic customer favorites in our product collection.

Tell us more about how you guys give back.

Social impact is so important to us here at Honey Belle. Our company culture is driven by the value of compassion, and pinpointing how we can make a difference by helping others. With our #SoapsforSouls Project, we donate a soap for each bar of body soap purchased from us.

What does “Honey Belle” mean?

"Honey Belle" stands for 'natural beauty.' When it came time for me to make an alias for myself, I wanted essences of both expressions. So I made lists of words that correspond to 'natural', and words that mean 'beauty." And when I put "honey" and "belle" together, it just flowed- and I fell in love.

Where can I find your products?

You can find our products on our website! Or at over 1000+ stores across the world. See our stockists page to find a location near you :)


Generate health and self-confidence in individuals by producing clean, green, and highly-effective products. We believe in compassion, and making a difference in the community.