Our Beliefs

Quality | Affordability | Simplicity

We wouldn't make, promote, or use anything for your skin that we wouldn't use on ours!

We believe that everyone deserves quality products. Nature doesn't discriminate, and we don't either! We keep our products at the highest quality, at an affordable price. Committed to advocating healthy and natural hygiene, we love sharing our knowledge about nature's benefits with everyone around us.


To create and deliver affordable, natural, & handcrafted skin and body care around the world, and educate individuals where they are inspired, to better their livesone skin at a time.

With every body soap purchased from us, we donate one to an individual in need.

#SoapsforSouls #Guatemala

Did you know that the average beauty product contains 20-30+ chemical additives?! The standard woman is exposed to over 500 harmful chemicals EACH day from her beauty products alone! Your skin is the largest organ in your body, with billions of pores. It's actually 'healthier' eating toxics rather than putting them onto your skin, because your stomach acts as a filter, while the skin absorbs the toxins directly into our bloodstream. Be aware of what you're putting onto your skin. Natural and healthy beauty begins with ultimate skin health.